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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

stink•erˈstɪŋ kər(n.)

  1. a person or thing that stinks.

  2. Informal. a mean or despicable person; louse.

    Category: Informal

  3. Informal. something, esp. some form of entertainment, of inferior quality.

    Category: Informal

  4. Informal. something difficult:

    a stinker of a puzzle.

    Category: Informal

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rotter, dirty dog, rat, skunk, stinker, stinkpot, bum, puke, crumb, lowlife, scum bag, so-and-so, git(noun)

    a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

    "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat"; "throw the bum out"; "you cowardly little pukes!"; "the British call a contemptible person a `git'"

  2. stinker(noun)

    anything that gives off an offensive odor (especially a cheap cigar)

  3. lemon, stinker(noun)

    an artifact (especially an automobile) that is defective or unsatisfactory


  1. stinker(Noun)

    A person who stinks.

  2. stinker(Noun)

    A contemptible person.

  3. stinker(Noun)

    Something difficult (e.g. a given puzzle) or unpleasant (e.g. negative review, nasty letter).

  4. stinker(Noun)

    Something of poor quality.

  5. stinker(Noun)

    Any of several species of large Antarctic petrels which feed on blubber and carrion and have an offensive odour, such as the giant fulmar.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stinker(noun)

    one who, or that which, stinks

  2. Stinker(noun)

    any one of the several species of large antarctic petrels which feed on blubber and carrion and have an offensive odor, as the giant fulmar


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