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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

stealstil(v.; n.)stole, sto•len, steal•ing

  1. (v.t.)to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, esp. secretly or by force.

  2. to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.

  3. to take, get, or win insidiously, surreptitiously, subtly, or by chance:

    He stole my girlfriend.

  4. to move, bring, convey, or put secretly or quietly; smuggle:

    She stole the dog upstairs at bedtime.

  5. Baseball. (of a base runner) to reach (a base) safely by running while the ball is being pitched to the player at bat.

    Category: Sport

  6. (v.i.)to commit or practice theft.

  7. to move, go, or come secretly, quietly, or unobserved:

    to steal out of a room.

  8. to pass, happen, etc., imperceptibly, gently, or gradually:

    The years steal by.

  9. Baseball. (of a base runner) to advance a base by running to it while the ball is being pitched to the player at bat.

    Category: Sport

  10. (n.)an act of stealing; theft.

    Category: Informal

  11. the thing stolen.

    Category: Informal

  12. something acquired at a cost far below its real value; bargain.

    Category: Informal

  13. Baseball. the act of advancing a base by stealing.

    Category: Sport

Idioms for steal:

  1. steal a march on,to gain an advantage over, as by stealth.

    Category: Idiom

  2. steal someone's thunder, to accept credit for another's work. to detract from another's achievement by some action that anticipates or overshadows it.

    Category: Idiom

  3. steal the show, to usurp the credit for something. to be more outstanding than anyone or anything else.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of steal:

bef. 900; ME stelen, OE stelan, c. OFris, ON stela, OHG stelan, Go stilan


Princeton's WordNet

  1. bargain, buy, steal(noun)

    an advantageous purchase

    "she got a bargain at the auction"; "the stock was a real buy at that price"

  2. steal(verb)

    a stolen base; an instance in which a base runner advances safely during the delivery of a pitch (without the help of a hit or walk or passed ball or wild pitch)

  3. steal(verb)

    take without the owner's consent

    "Someone stole my wallet on the train"; "This author stole entire paragraphs from my dissertation"

  4. steal, slip(verb)

    move stealthily

    "The ship slipped away in the darkness"

  5. steal(verb)

    steal a base

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. steal(verb)stil

    to take sth that belongs to another person

    He stole $300 from the office.; I would only steal if I were desperate.

  2. stealstil

    to move quietly

    He stole past the bedroom.


  1. steal(Noun)

    The act of stealing.

  2. steal(Noun)

    A piece of merchandise available at a very attractive price.

    At this price, this car is a steal.

  3. steal(Noun)

    A situation in which a defensive player actively takes possession of the ball or puck from the opponent's team.

  4. steal(Noun)

    A stolen base.

  5. steal(Noun)

    Scoring in an end without the hammer.

  6. steal(Noun)

    A policy in database systems that a database follows which allows a transaction to be written on nonvolatile storage before its commit occurs

  7. steal(Verb)

    To illegally, or without the owner's permission, take possession of something by surreptitiously taking or carrying it away.

  8. steal(Verb)

    To get or effect surreptitiously or artfully.

  9. steal(Verb)

    To copy copyright-protected work without permission.

  10. steal(Verb)

    To acquire at a low price.

    He stole the car for two thousand less than its book value.

  11. steal(Verb)

    To draw attention unexpectedly in (an entertainment), especially by being the outstanding performer. Usually used in the phrase steal the show.

  12. steal(Verb)

    To move silently or secretly.

    He stole across the room, trying not to wake her.

  13. steal(Verb)

    To advance safely to (another base) during the delivery of a pitch, without the aid of a hit, walk, passed ball, wild pitch, or defensive indifference.

  14. steal(Verb)

    To dispossess

Webster Dictionary

  1. Steal(noun)

    a handle; a stale, or stele

  2. Steal(verb)

    to take and carry away, feloniously; to take without right or leave, and with intent to keep wrongfully; as, to steal the personal goods of another

  3. Steal(verb)

    to withdraw or convey clandestinely (reflexive); hence, to creep furtively, or to insinuate

  4. Steal(verb)

    to gain by insinuating arts or covert means

  5. Steal(verb)

    to get into one's power gradually and by imperceptible degrees; to take possession of by a gradual and imperceptible appropriation; -- with away

  6. Steal(verb)

    to accomplish in a concealed or unobserved manner; to try to carry out secretly; as, to steal a look

  7. Steal(verb)

    to practice, or be guilty of, theft; to commit larceny or theft

  8. Steal(verb)

    to withdraw, or pass privily; to slip in, along, or away, unperceived; to go or come furtively


  1. Steal

    In basketball, a steal occurs when a defensive player legally causes a turnover by his positive, aggressive action. This can be done by deflecting and controlling, or by catching the opponents pass or dribble of an offensive player. The defender must not touch the offensive player's hands or otherwise a foul is called. Steals are not credited if the defensive player merely picks up a loose ball in his vicinity or when an errant pass goes directly to him. Steals are credited to the player who gains possession. Whenever a steal is recorded for a defensive player, an offensive player must be credited as making a turnover. Stealing the ball requires good anticipation, speed and fast reflexes, all common traits of a good defender. However, like blocked shots, steals are not always a perfect gauge of a player's defensive abilities. An unsuccessful steal can result in the defender being out of position and unable to recover in time, allowing the offense to score. Therefore, attempting to steal is a gamble. Steals can pay off greatly, because they often trigger a fastbreak for the defensive team. There is no prototypical position from which a player may get many steals. While smaller, quicker guards tend to accumulate the most steals, there are many exceptions. For example, forward Rick Barry led the NBA in steals in 1974-75, and for many years center Hakeem Olajuwon led his team in the category, consistently ranking among the league's leaders.

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'steal' in Verbs Frequency: #418

Anagrams of steal

  1. astel, lates, least, leats, salet, setal, slate, stale, stela, taels, tales, teals, tesla

Translations for steal

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to take (another person's property), especially secretly, without permission or legal right

Thieves broke into the house and stole money and jewellery; He was expelled from the school because he had been stealing (money).

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