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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

som•no•lentˈsɒm nə lənt(adj.)

  1. sleepy; drowsy.

  2. tending to cause sleep.

    Category: Pharmacology

Origin of somnolent:

1425–75; late ME sompnolent < OF < L somnolentus, der. of somnus sleep


Princeton's WordNet

  1. slumberous, slumbery, slumbrous, somnolent(adj)

    inclined to or marked by drowsiness

    "slumberous (or slumbrous) eyes"; "`slumbery' is archaic"; "the sound had a somnolent effect"


  1. somnolent(Adjective)

    Drowsy or sleepy.

  2. somnolent(Adjective)

    Causing literal or figurative sleepiness; soporific.

  3. Origin: First attested in 1615. From somnolent, from sompolent, subsequently from somnolentus, somnus, swépnos, which both are derived from swep-.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Somnolent(adj)

    sleepy; drowsy; inclined to sleep

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


inclined to sleep; drowsy

I feel very sleepy after that long walk.

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