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Princeton's WordNet

  1. drab, sober, somber, sombre(adj)

    lacking brightness or color; dull

    "drab faded curtains"; "sober Puritan grey"; "children in somber brown clothes"

  2. somber, sombre, melancholy(adj)

    grave or even gloomy in character

    "solemn and mournful music"; "a suit of somber black"; "a somber mood"


  1. sombre(Adjective)

    Dark; gloomy.

  2. sombre(Adjective)

    Dull or dark in colour.

  3. sombre(Adjective)

    Melancholy; dismal.

  4. sombre(Adjective)


    a sombre situation

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sombre(adj)

    dull; dusky; somewhat dark; gloomy; as, a somber forest; a somber house

  2. Sombre(adj)

    melancholy; sad; grave; depressing; as, a somber person; somber reflections

  3. Sombre(verb)

    to make somber, or dark; to make shady

  4. Sombre(noun)

    gloom; obscurity; duskiness; somberness

  5. Origin: [F. sombre; cf. Sp. sombra, shade, prob. from LL. subumbrare to put in the shade; L. sub under + umbra shade. See Umbrage.]


  1. Sombre

    Sombre is a 1998 French film directed by Philippe Grandrieux, starring Marc Barbé and Elina Löwensohn. The film was nominated for the Golden Leopard and won the C.I.C.A.E. Award - Special Mention at the Locarno International Film Festival. It deals with Jean, a serial killer who follows the Tour de France cycling race in his car and murders women along his way. Then he meets Claire, a psychologically troubled and confused woman who falls in love with him.

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