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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sobsɒb(v.; n.)sobbed, sob•bing

  1. (v.i.)to weep with a convulsive catching of the breath.

  2. to make a sound resembling this.

  3. (v.t.)to utter with sobs.

  4. to put, send, etc., by sobbing or with sobs:

    to sob oneself to sleep.

  5. (n.)the act of sobbing.

  6. any sound suggesting this.

Origin of sob:

1200–50; ME sobben


or SOB

  1. son of a bitch.

    Category: Status (usage)

* (sometimes l.c.) Slang..

Princeton's WordNet

  1. shortness of breath, SOB, breathlessness(noun)

    a dyspneic condition

  2. asshole, bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, shit, mother fucker, motherfucker, prick, whoreson, son of a bitch, SOB(noun)

    insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous

  3. sob, sobbing(verb)

    convulsive gasp made while weeping

  4. sob(verb)

    weep convulsively

    "He was sobbing inconsolably"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. sob(verb)ɒb

    to cry so much that your body moves up and down

    We found her sobbing in the bathroom.; loud sobs


  1. SOB(Noun)

    son of a bitch

  2. SOB(Noun)

    shortness of breath

  3. sob(Noun)

    a cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath.

  4. sob(Verb)

    to weep with convulsive gasps.

  5. sob(Verb)

    to say (something) while sobbing.

    "He doesn't love me!" she sobbed.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sob(verb)

    to soak

  2. Sob(verb)

    to sigh with a sudden heaving of the breast, or with a kind of convulsive motion; to sigh with tears, and with a convulsive drawing in of the breath

  3. Sob(noun)

    the act of sobbing; a convulsive sigh, or inspiration of the breath, as in sorrow

  4. Sob(noun)

    any sorrowful cry or sound

Anagrams of sob

  1. OSB

  2. BSO

  3. Obs

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to weep noisily

I could hear her sobbing in her bedroom.

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