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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

smug•gleˈsmʌg əl(v.)-gled, -gling.

  1. (v.t.)to import or export (goods) secretly, in violation of the law, esp. without payment of legal duty.

  2. to bring, take, put, etc., surreptitiously.

  3. (v.i.)to import, export, or convey goods surreptitiously or in violation of the law.

Origin of smuggle:

1680–90; < LG smuggeln; c. G schmuggeln


Princeton's WordNet

  1. smuggle(verb)

    import or export without paying customs duties

    "She smuggled cigarettes across the border"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. smuggle(verb)ˈsmʌg əl

    to take illegally across a border

    He was arrested for smuggling drugs into the country.


  1. smuggle(Verb)

    To import or export, illicitly or by stealth, without paying lawful customs charges or duties

  2. smuggle(Verb)

    To bring in surreptitiously

  3. smuggle(Verb)

    To thrash or be thrashed by a bear's claws, or to swipe at or be swiped at by a person's arms in a bearlike manner.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Smuggle(verb)

    to import or export secretly, contrary to the law; to import or export without paying the duties imposed by law; as, to smuggle lace

  2. Smuggle(verb)

    fig.: To convey or introduce clandestinely

  3. Smuggle(verb)

    to import or export in violation of the customs laws

Anagrams of smuggle

  1. muggles, Muggles

  2. Muggles

Translations for smuggle

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to bring (goods) into, or send them out from, a country illegally, or without paying duty

He was caught smuggling (several thousand cigarettes through the Customs).

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