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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

smoth•erˈsmʌð ər(v.t.)

  1. to stifle or suffocate, as by smoke or other means of preventing free breathing.

  2. to extinguish or deaden (fire, coals, etc.) by covering so as to exclude air.

  3. to cover closely or thickly; envelop:

    to smother a steak with mushrooms.

  4. to suppress or repress:

    to smother one's grief.

  5. to cook (food) slowly in a tightly covered pan with little liquid:

    smothered onions.

    Category: Cooking

  6. (v.i.)to become stifled or suffocated; be prevented from breathing freely.

  7. to be stifled; be suppressed or concealed.

  8. (n.)dense, stifling smoke.

  9. a smoking or smoldering state, as of burning matter.

  10. dust, fog, etc., in a dense or enveloping cloud.

  11. an overspreading profusion of anything:

    a smother of papers.

Origin of smother:

1125–75; ME smorther dense smoke; akin to OE smorian to suffocate

Princeton's WordNet

  1. clutter, jumble, muddle, fuddle, mare's nest, welter, smother(noun)

    a confused multitude of things

  2. smother(verb)

    a stifling cloud of smoke

  3. smother, surround(verb)

    envelop completely

    "smother the meat in gravy"

  4. smother, asphyxiate, suffocate(verb)

    deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing

    "Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow"; "The child suffocated herself with a plastic bag that the parents had left on the floor"

  5. smother, stifle, strangle, muffle, repress(verb)

    conceal or hide

    "smother a yawn"; "muffle one's anger"; "strangle a yawn"

  6. smother(verb)

    form an impenetrable cover over

    "the butter cream smothered the cake"

  7. smother, put out(verb)

    deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion

    "smother fires"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. smother(verb)ˈsmʌð ər

    to kill sb by putting sth over their mouth so they cannot breathe

    She was accused of smothering the baby.

  2. smotherˈsmʌð ər

    to try to stop yourself from doing sth

    attempts to smother their laughter

  3. smotherˈsmʌð ər

    to put out a fire by covering it

    a blanket to smother the flames

  4. smotherˈsmʌð ər

    to protect a child too much

    His mother had always smothered him.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Smother(verb)

    to destroy the life of by suffocation; to deprive of the air necessary for life; to cover up closely so as to prevent breathing; to suffocate; as, to smother a child

  2. Smother(verb)

    to affect as by suffocation; to stife; to deprive of air by a thick covering, as of ashes, of smoke, or the like; as, to smother a fire

  3. Smother(verb)

    hence, to repress the action of; to cover from public view; to suppress; to conceal; as, to smother one's displeasure

  4. Smother(verb)

    to be suffocated or stifled

  5. Smother(verb)

    to burn slowly, without sufficient air; to smolder

  6. Smother(verb)

    stifling smoke; thick dust

  7. Smother(verb)

    a state of suppression

Anagrams of smother

  1. Mothers

  2. Thermos

Translations for smother

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to kill or die from lack of air, caused especially by a thick covering over the mouth and nose; to suffocate

He smothered his victim by holding a pillow over her face.

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