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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

slug•gishˈslʌg ɪʃ(adj.)

  1. indisposed to action or exertion; lazy; indolent.

  2. not functioning with full vigor, as bodily organs.

  3. slow to act or respond:

    a sluggish engine.

  4. slow or slow-moving, as a stream.

  5. slack, as sales.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. sluggish, sulky(adj)

    moving slowly

    "a sluggish stream"

  2. dull, slow, sluggish(adj)

    (of business) not active or brisk

    "business is dull (or slow)"; "a sluggish market"

  3. inert, sluggish, soggy, torpid(adj)

    slow and apathetic

    "she was fat and inert"; "a sluggish worker"; "a mind grown torpid in old age"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. sluggish(adjective)ˈslʌg ɪʃ

    moving or developing slowly

    sluggish traffic; a sluggish economy


  1. sluggish(Adjective)

    Habitually idle and lazy; slothful; dull; inactive; as, a sluggish man.

    And the sluggish land slumbers in utter neglect. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  2. sluggish(Adjective)

    Slow; having little motion; as, a sluggish stream.

  3. sluggish(Adjective)

    Having no power to move one's self or itself; inert.

    Matter, being impotent, sluggish, and inactive, hath no power to stir or move itself. -- Woodward

  4. sluggish(Adjective)

    Characteristic of a sluggard; dull; stupid; tame; simple.

  5. sluggish(Adjective)

    Exhibiting economic decline, inactivity, slow or subnormal growth.

    Inflation has been rising despite sluggish economy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sluggish(adj)

    habitually idle and lazy; slothful; dull; inactive; as, a sluggish man

  2. Sluggish(adj)

    slow; having little motion; as, a sluggish stream

  3. Sluggish(adj)

    having no power to move one's self or itself; inert

  4. Sluggish(adj)

    characteristic of a sluggard; dull; stupid; tame; simple

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


moving slowly; not active or alert

a sluggish river; I always feel rather sluggish in the mornings.

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