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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. broad comedy characterized by violently boisterous action.

    Category: Showbiz

  2. a stick or lath used by comic performers or characters for striking other persons, esp. a pair of laths that produce a loud noise without causing injury.

    Category: Showbiz

  3. (adj.)using, or marked by slapstick:

    a slapstick routine.

Origin of slapstick:

1895–1900, Amer.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. slapstick(noun)

    a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes

  2. slapstick(adj)

    acoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together; used by an actor to make a loud noise without inflicting injury when striking someone

  3. slapstick(adj)

    characterized by horseplay and physical action

    "slapstick style of humor"


  1. slapstick(Noun)

    physical comedy, e.g. slipping on a banana peel, exaggeratedly losing balance, walking into walls etc.

  2. slapstick(Noun)

    a pair of sticks tied together at one end and used to create a slapping sound effect for (1)

  3. Origin: From slap + stick, the English translation of the batacchio. The slapstick was a pair of sticks tied together that made a loud noise when struck together, and was used by the comic character Harlequin in the commedia dell'arte.


  1. Slapstick

    Slapstick is a type of broad physical comedy involving exaggerated, boisterous actions, farce, violence and activities which may exceed the boundaries of common sense.

Translations for slapstick

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a kind of humour which depends for its effect on very simple practical jokes etc

Throwing custard pies turns a play into slapstick; (also adjective) slapstick comedy.

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