Definitions for skirmishˈskɜr mɪʃ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. brush, clash, encounter, skirmish(verb)

    a minor short-term fight

  2. skirmish(verb)

    engage in a skirmish


  1. skirmish(Noun)

    A brief battle between small groups, usually part of a longer or larger battle or war.

  2. skirmish(Noun)

    By extension, any minor dispute.

  3. skirmish(Noun)

    A type of outdoor military style game using paintball or similar weapons.

  4. skirmish(Verb)

    To engage in a minor battle or dispute

Webster Dictionary

  1. Skirmish(verb)

    to fight slightly or in small parties; to engage in a skirmish or skirmishes; to act as skirmishers

  2. Skirmish(verb)

    a slight fight in war; a light or desultory combat between detachments from armies, or between detached and small bodies of troops

  3. Skirmish(verb)

    a slight contest

  4. Origin: [OE. skirmishen, scarmishen, OF. escremir, eskermir, to fence, fight, F. escrimer, of German origin; cf. OHG. scirmen to protect, defend, G. schirmen, OHG. scirm, scerm, protection, shield, G. schirm; perhaps akin to Gr. a sunshade. Cf. Scaramouch, Scrimmage.]

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