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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sicsɪk(v.t.)sicked; sicced; sick•ing; sic•cing.

or sick 2

  1. to attack (used esp. in commanding a dog):

    Sic 'em!

  2. to incite to attack (usu. fol. by on).

Origin of sic:

1835–45; var. of seek


  1. such.

    Category: Scottish

* Chiefly Scot..

Origin of sic:


sic*sik; Eng. sɪk(adv.)

  1. so; thus: usu. placed within brackets to denote that a wording has been written intentionally or has been quoted verbatim: He signed his name as e. e. cummings

    Category: Foreign Term

* Latin..

Origin of sic:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. sic, set(adverb)

    urge to attack someone

    "The owner sicked his dogs on the intruders"; "the shaman sics sorcerers on the evil spirits"

  2. sic(adverb)

    intentionally so written (used after a printed word or phrase)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sic(adj)


  2. Sic(adverb)



  1. sic

    The Latin adverb sic added immediately after a quoted word or phrase, indicates that the quotation has been transcribed exactly as found in the original source, complete with any erroneous spelling or other nonstandard presentation. The notation's usual purpose is to inform the reader that any errors or apparent errors in the transcribed material do not arise from errors in the course of the transcription, and the errors have been repeated intentionally, i.e., that they are reproduced exactly as set down by the original writer or printer. It may also be used as a form of ridicule or as a humorous comment, drawing attention to the original writer's spelling mistakes or emphasizing his or her erroneous logic. Sic is generally placed inside square brackets "[ ]", or in parentheses "", and traditionally in italics, as is customary when printing a foreign word.

Anagrams of sic

  1. CIS

  2. CSI

  3. ICS

  4. Sci

  5. Sci.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


of a superior type or class

a posh family; posh clothes.

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