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  1. Ruth Nanda Anshen:

    Even as the cell is the unit of the organic body, so the family is the unit of society.

  2. Anonymous:

    The NeXT Computer The hardware makes it a PC, the software makes it a workstation, the unit sales makes it a mainframe.

  3. Chris Paul:

    It's tough, to get off to the start we got off to and to let those guys back into the game, we just never recovered. ... It's not about the first unit or the second unit, it's about our team. There have been nights when the starters have come out and haven't played well and the second unit has brought us back.

  4. Steve Corp:

    Going from one unit to two is a giant leap for them. There are times when someone has a successful restaurant, then opens a second unit, and now they’ve turned one great unit into two mediocre ones, that’s why multi-unit franchise partners are more attractive to us. They know the game ; they have experience and know how to grow.

  5. Aziz Hashim:

    Do you have clarity on why you want to become a multi-unit owner? Is it to make money? To diversify your holdings? there are ways to grow beyond buying a higher unit count. If you are able to double the volume of your current unit, that is pure profit. Would you rather have 30 units that make money -- or 100, of which 30 are stagnant and 30 lose money?

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