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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

shrink*ʃrɪŋk(v.; n.)shrank; shrunk; shrunk; shrunk•en; shrink•ing

  1. (v.i.)to contract or lessen in size:

    cloth that shrinks if washed.

  2. to become reduced in extent, compass, or value.

  3. to draw back; recoil:

    to shrink from danger.

  4. (v.t.)to cause to shrink or contract; reduce.

  5. Category: Textiles

    Ref: preshrink.

  6. (n.)an act or instance of shrinking.

  7. Ref: shrinkage.

  8. Slang. a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or psychoanalyst.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

* Syn: See decrease.

Origin of shrink:

bef. 900; ME schrinken, OE scrincan, c. MD schrinken, Sw skrynka to shrink


Princeton's WordNet

  1. psychiatrist, head-shrinker, shrink(verb)

    a physician who specializes in psychiatry

  2. shrivel, shrivel up, shrink, wither(verb)

    wither, as with a loss of moisture

    "The fruit dried and shriveled"

  3. flinch, squinch, funk, cringe, shrink, wince, recoil, quail(verb)

    draw back, as with fear or pain

    "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"

  4. shrink, reduce(verb)

    reduce in size; reduce physically

    "Hot water will shrink the sweater"; "Can you shrink this image?"

  5. shrink, contract(verb)

    become smaller or draw together

    "The fabric shrank"; "The balloon shrank"

  6. shrink, shrivel(verb)

    decrease in size, range, or extent

    "His earnings shrank"; "My courage shrivelled when I saw the task before me"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. shrink(verb)ʃrɪŋk

    to become or make smaller

    My T-shirt shrank in the wash.; shrinking profits

  2. shrinkʃrɪŋk

    to move away in fear or disgust

    She shrank away as he got closer.


  1. shrink(Noun)

    shrinkage; contraction; recoil

    Yet almost wish, with sudden shrink, / That I had less to praise. uE0005131uE001 Leigh Hunt.

  2. shrink(Noun)

    A psychiatrist or therapist; a head-shrinker.

  3. shrink(Verb)

    To contract, to (cause to) become smaller.

  4. shrink(Verb)

    To cower or flinch.

    Molly shrank away from the blows of the whip.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Shrink(verb)

    to wrinkle, bend, or curl; to shrivel; hence, to contract into a less extent or compass; to gather together; to become compacted

  2. Shrink(verb)

    to withdraw or retire, as from danger; to decline action from fear; to recoil, as in fear, horror, or distress

  3. Shrink(verb)

    to express fear, horror, or pain by contracting the body, or part of it; to shudder; to quake

  4. Shrink(verb)

    to cause to contract or shrink; as, to shrink finnel by imersing it in boiling water

  5. Shrink(verb)

    to draw back; to withdraw

  6. Shrink(noun)

    the act shrinking; shrinkage; contraction; also, recoil; withdrawal


  1. Shrink

    Shrink is the fourth album by German indie rock/electronica group The Notwist. The album is notable for its movement away from the group's punk origins and including elements of electronica, ambient, and jazz.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to (cause material, clothes etc to) become smaller

My jersey shrank in the wash; Do they shrink the material before they make it up into clothes?

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