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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

shat•terˈʃæt ər(v.t.)

  1. to break (something) into pieces, as by a blow.

    Category: Pathology

  2. to damage, as by breaking or crushing.

  3. to impair or destroy (health, nerves, etc.).

  4. to weaken or refute (ideas, opinions, etc.).

  5. (v.i.)to be broken into fragments or become weak or insubstantial.

  6. to fall or scatter, as seeds, leaves, or fruits.

    Category: Agriculture

  7. (n.)Usu., shatters. fragments made by shattering.

Origin of shatter:

1300–50; ME schateren, obscurely akin to scatter


Princeton's WordNet

  1. shatter(verb)

    break into many pieces

    "The wine glass shattered"

  2. shatter(verb)

    damage or destroy

    "The news of her husband's death shattered her life"

  3. shatter(verb)

    cause to break into many pieces

    "shatter the plate"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. shatter(verb)ˈʃæt ər

    to break into tiny pieces

    The windshield shattered.; I dropped the glass and shattered it.

  2. shatterˈʃæt ər

    to completely destroy or end

    an accident that shattered his hopes of winning


  1. shatter(Verb)

    to violently break something into pieces.

  2. shatter(Verb)

    to destroy or disable something.

  3. shatter(Verb)

    to smash, or break into tiny pieces.

  4. shatter(Verb)

    to dispirit or emotionally defeat

  5. Origin: scateren. Cognate with Albanian shkatërroj,shkatrroj.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Shatter(verb)

    to break at once into many pieces; to dash, burst, or part violently into fragments; to rend into splinters; as, an explosion shatters a rock or a bomb; too much steam shatters a boiler; an oak is shattered by lightning

  2. Shatter(verb)

    to disorder; to derange; to render unsound; as, to be shattered in intellect; his constitution was shattered; his hopes were shattered

  3. Shatter(verb)

    to scatter about

  4. Shatter(verb)

    to be broken into fragments; to fall or crumble to pieces by any force applied

  5. Shatter(noun)

    a fragment of anything shattered; -- used chiefly or soley in the phrase into shatters; as, to break a glass into shatters


  1. Shatter

    Shatter is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Morlocks #1, created by Geoff Johns and Shawn Martinbrough.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to break in small pieces, usually suddenly or forcefully

The stone shattered the window; The window shattered.

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