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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

shab•byˈʃæb i(adj.)-bi•er, -bi•est.

  1. showing signs of wear or long use; worn.

  2. wearing worn clothes or having a slovenly appearance.

  3. run-down; dilapidated.

  4. meanly ungenerous or unfair; contemptible:

    shabby behavior.

  5. inferior; second-rate.

Origin of shabby:

1660–70; shabscab (ME; OE sceabb)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. moth-eaten, ratty, shabby, tatty(adj)

    showing signs of wear and tear

    "a ratty old overcoat"; "shabby furniture"; "an old house with dirty windows and tatty curtains"

  2. shabby(adj)

    mean and unworthy and despicable

    "shabby treatment"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. shabby(adjective)ˈʃæb i

    old and worn

    a man wearing shabby clothes


  1. shabby(Adjective)

    Torn or worn; poor; mean; ragged.

    They lived in a tiny apartment, with some old, shabby furniture.

  2. shabby(Adjective)

    Clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments.

    The fellow arrived looking rather shabby after journeying so far.

  3. shabby(Adjective)

    Mean; paltry; despicable.

    shabby treatment

Webster Dictionary

  1. Shabby(noun)

    torn or worn to rage; poor; mean; ragged

  2. Shabby(noun)

    clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments

  3. Shabby(noun)

    mean; paltry; despicable; as, shabby treatment

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


looking old and worn

shabby curtains; shabby clothes.

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