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  1. Sexual misconduct

    Sexual misconduct is misconduct of a sexual nature. The term may be used to condemn an act, but in some jurisdictions it has also a legal meaning. In legal sense, for a person in a position of authority it includes in particular any sexual activity between him or her and one of his or her subordinates. This commonly includes teachers and their students, clergy and their congregants, doctors and their patients, and employers and their employees. While such activity is usually not explicitly illegal, it is often against professional ethical codes. For example, a teacher may be fired and a doctor may have his or her medical license revoked because of sexual misconduct. In addition, the person in the subordinate position may allege sexual harassment. Entering a sexual relationship with a subordinate, even when the contact is initiated by the latter, is unethical because of the subordinate's vulnerability to the physician and the inequality of power that characterizes the relationship. In the case of the doctor-patient relationship, having a sexual relationship with the patient even after the professional relationship has concluded remains problematic for the physician because of the potential for the patient's continuing dependence on and transference towards the physician. Therefore, sexual relationships with former patients are considered unethical when physicians “use or exploit the trust, knowledge, emotions or influence derived from the previous professional relationship” in any way.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Southern Illinois University in 2014:

    The university takes all reports and investigations of sexual misconduct very seriously.

  2. Beth Fortune:

    We want to make The Project Safe website as easy as possible for victims of sexual misconduct to get the services they need.

  3. Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines:

    This is a painful moment for Venice High School, and this District. I want you to know that no sexual misconduct of any kind by students or staff will ever be tolerated in L. A. Unified.

  4. Dan Gainor:

    With plans for ‘compulsory accountability program for students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX,’ this appears once more that Princeton is getting involved in places it lacks the skill set to handle, in other words, if you are a parent, don’t send your sons to Princeton.

  5. Tony Sayegh:

    Among the more damaging is that it reveals another example of how hollow the ‘war on women’ argument is when coming from the Hillary camp, disabling that most favorite of perennial liberal ad hominem attacks is the equivalent of taking Superman's ability to leap tall buildings away, for both Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton, their sexual misconduct went well beyond the realm of a ‘boys will be boys’ defense.And it was Hillary and Huma to the rescue all in the name personal advancement.That is not a story Hillary wants out there, especially through a more popular medium that has the ability to reach a broader audience.

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