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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sex•tonˈsɛk stən(n.)

  1. an official who maintains a church building and its contents, rings the bell, etc.

    Category: Religion

  2. an official whose main duty is to maintain a synagogue and its religious articles.

    Category: Judaism

Origin of sexton:

1275–1325; ME sexteyn, sekesteyn, syncopated var. of segerstane, secristeyn < AF segerstainesacristan


Sex•tonˈsɛk stən(n.)

  1. Anne (Harvey), 1928–74, U.S. poet.

    Category: Biography

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Sexton, Anne Sexton(noun)

    United States poet (1928-1974)

  2. sexton, sacristan(noun)

    an officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objects


  1. sexton(Noun)

    A church official who looks after a church and its graveyard and may act as a gravedigger and bell-ringer.

  2. Origin: From sacristanus, based on sacer.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sexton(noun)

    an under officer of a church, whose business is to take care of the church building and the vessels, vestments, etc., belonging to the church, to attend on the officiating clergyman, and to perform other duties pertaining to the church, such as to dig graves, ring the bell, etc


  1. Sexton

    A sexton is a church, congregation, or synagogue officer charged with the maintenance of its buildings and/or the surrounding graveyard. In smaller places of worship, this office is often combined with that of verger. In larger buildings, such as cathedrals, a team of sextons may be employed. Historically in North America and the United Kingdom the "sexton" was sometimes a minor municipal official responsible for overseeing the town graveyard. In the United Kingdom the position still exists today, related to management of the community's graveyard, and the sexton is usually employed by the town/parish or community council.

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a person who looks after a church and often is responsible for bellringing etc.

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