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Princeton's WordNet

  1. servitude(noun)

    state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment

    "penal servitude"


  1. servitude(Noun)

    The state of being a slave; slavery.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Servitude(noun)

    the state of voluntary or compulsory subjection to a master; the condition of being bound to service; the condition of a slave; slavery; bondage; hence, a state of slavish dependence

  2. Servitude(noun)

    servants, collectively

  3. Servitude(noun)

    a right whereby one thing is subject to another thing or person for use or convenience, contrary to the common right

  4. Origin: [L. servitudo: cf. F. servitude.]


  1. Servitude

    In BDSM, servitude refers to performing personal tasks for their dominant partner, as part of their submissive role in a BDSM relationship. In domestic servitude roles, the submissive can receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing personal services for their dominant, such as serving as a butler, waitress, chauffeur, maid or houseboy. In workplace BDSM, the submissive can somehow secretly contrive that a work colleague, of the same or opposite gender to the submissive, unwittingly finds themselves with imagined or real work-related disciplinary power and/or status over the submissive. The created dominant may never realise they are bringing secret pleasure and satisfaction to the submissive, in the giving of orders or else in rebuking the submissive for supposed performance failings at the workplace, such as "laziness". The satisfaction of servitude are often combined with the pleasures of fetishes, the pleasures of humiliation, or both. A submissive may rub his or her dominant's feet because the sub enjoys providing the service, has a foot fetish, enjoys being "lower" than the dominant, or any combination. But some bottoms who enjoy servitude prefer to keep their enjoyment and pleasure secret from all others including person they have created as their "dominant". There are those in the BDSM community who frown upon this practice, however, as surreptitiously putting someone in a dominant position violates the principle of consent.

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