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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sem•blanceˈsɛm bləns(n.)

  1. outward aspect or appearance.

  2. an assumed or unreal appearance; show.

  3. the slightest appearance or trace.

  4. a likeness, image, or copy.

  5. a spectral appearance; apparition.

Origin of semblance:

1250–1300; < MF, <sembl(er) to seem (see resemble )

Princeton's WordNet

  1. semblance, gloss, color, colour(noun)

    an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading

    "he hoped his claims would have a semblance of authenticity"; "he tried to give his falsehood the gloss of moral sanction"; "the situation soon took on a different color"

  2. illusion, semblance(noun)

    an erroneous mental representation

  3. likeness, semblance(noun)

    picture consisting of a graphic image of a person or thing


  1. semblance(Noun)

    likeness, similarity; the quality of being similar.

  2. semblance(Noun)

    Seeming; appearance; show; figure; form.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Semblance(adj)

    seeming; appearance; show; figure; form

  2. Semblance(adj)

    likeness; resemblance, actual or apparent; similitude; as, the semblance of worth; semblance of virtue

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


an appearance or likeness

I have to coach them into some semblance of a football team by Saturday.

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