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  1. seinen(Noun)

    a class of manga written for an older male audience, generally 18-30 years old.


  1. Seinen manga

    Seinen manga are manga marketed to adolescent boys and men old enough to read kanji. In Japanese, the word 'seinen' literally means "youth", but the term "seinen manga" is also used to describe the audience of comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which are aimed at men on into their 50's. Seinen manga are distinguished from shōnen manga which are for younger boys, as well as seijin-muke manga which focus on sex. Seinen manga can focus on action, adventure, business, comedy, games, relationships or sports, and may have some sexual content and strong language although it is less overt than in the seijin-muke manga . The female equivalent to seinen manga is josei manga. Seinen manga have a wide variety of art styles and variation in subject matter. Examples of seinen series include: Akira, Berserk, Battle Royale, Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing, Battle Angel Alita, Maison Ikkoku, and the formerly Shonen manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. A common way to tell if a manga is seinen is by looking at whether or not furigana is used over the original kanji text: if there are furigana on all kanji, the title is generally aimed at a younger audience.

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  1. senine

  2. seen in

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