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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

seg•re•ga•tionˌsɛg rɪˈgeɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. the act or practice of segregating.

    Category: Sociology

  2. the state of being segregated.

    Category: Sociology

  3. something segregated.

  4. the separation of allelic genes into different gametes during meiosis.

    Category: Genetics

Princeton's WordNet

  1. segregation(noun)

    (genetics) the separation of paired alleles during meiosis so that members of each pair of alleles appear in different gametes

  2. segregation, separatism(noun)

    a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups

  3. segregation, sequestration(noun)

    the act of segregating or sequestering

    "sequestration of the jury"


  1. segregation(Noun)

    The setting apart or separation of things or people, as a natural process, a manner of organizing people the may be voluntary or enforced by law.

  2. segregation(Noun)

    The Mendelian Law of Segregation related to genetic transmission or geographical segregation of various species.

  3. segregation(Noun)

    Separation from a mass, and gathering about centers or into cavities at hand through cohesive or adhesive attraction or the crystallizing process.

  4. segregation(Noun)

    Passing of laws to separate people geographically, residentially, racially, religiously or by sex. Racial segregation in the United States and South Africa being well known examples. Also, the term is used in various policies that "segregate" things like financial instruments and transportation routes and trails.

  5. segregation(Noun)

    People separating geographically, residentially, racially, religiously or by sex based on happenstance, voluntary choice or cultural attitudes.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Segregation(noun)

    the act of segregating, or the state of being segregated; separation from others; a parting

  2. Segregation(noun)

    separation from a mass, and gathering about centers or into cavities at hand through cohesive attraction or the crystallizing process

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. segregation

    In detainee operations, the removal of a detainee from other detainees and their environment for legitimate purposes unrelated to interrogation, such as when necessary for the movement, health, safety, and/or security of the detainee, the detention facility, or its personnel.

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  1. Saint George

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