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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

seedsid(n.)(pl.)seeds; seed

  1. (n.)the fertilized, matured ovule of a flowering plant, containing an embryo or rudimentary plant.

    Category: Botany

  2. any propagative part of a plant, including tubers and bulbs.

    Category: Botany

  3. such parts collectively.

    Category: Botany

  4. any similar small part or fruit.

    Category: Botany

  5. Dial.

    Category: Status (usage)

    Ref: pit2. 2

  6. the germ or propagative source of anything:

    the seeds of discord.

  7. offspring; progeny.

  8. birth:

    not of mortal seed.

  9. sperm; semen.

    Category: Physiology

  10. the ovum or ova of certain animals, as the lobster and the silkworm moth.

    Category: Developmental Biology

  11. Ref: seed oyster.

  12. a small air bubble in a glass piece, caused by defective firing.

    Category: Ceramics

  13. Crystall., Chem. a small crystal added to a solution to promote crystallization.

    Category: Crystallography

  14. a player or team seeded in a tournament.

    Category: Golf and Tennis, Sport

  15. (v.t.)to sow (a field, lawn, etc.) with seed.

    Category: Agriculture

  16. to sow or scatter (seed).

    Category: Agriculture

  17. to sow or scatter (clouds) with crystals or particles of silver iodide, solid carbon dioxide, etc., to induce precipitation.

    Category: Meteorology

  18. to introduce in the hope of increase:

    to seed a lake with trout.

  19. to sprinkle on in the manner of seed.

  20. to remove the seeds from (fruit).

  21. to rank (players or teams) by past performance in arranging tournament pairings, so that the most highly ranked competitors will not play each other until later rounds. to arrange (pairings or a tournament) by means of such a ranking.

    Category: Sport

  22. to develop (a business), esp. by providing operating capital.

    Category: Business

  23. (v.i.)to sow seed.

    Category: Agriculture

  24. to produce or shed seed.

    Category: Botany

  25. (adj.)producing seed; used for seed:

    a seed potato.

    Category: Botany

Idioms for seed:

  1. go or run to seed, (of the flower of a plant) to pass to the stage of yielding seed. to deteriorate or decline, as in health, strength, or appearance.

    Category: Idiom

  2. in seed, (of certain plants) in the state of bearing ripened seeds. (of a field, a lawn, etc.) sown with seed.

    Category: Idiom, Agriculture

Origin of seed:

bef. 900; (n.) ME sede, side, seed(e), OE sēd, sǣd, c. OFris sēd, OS sād, OHG sāt (G Saat), ON sāth, Go -seths; (v.) ME seden to produce seeds, der. of the n.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. seed(noun)

    a small hard fruit

  2. seed(noun)

    a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat or testa

  3. seeded player, seed(noun)

    one of the outstanding players in a tournament

  4. source, seed, germ(noun)

    anything that provides inspiration for later work

  5. semen, seed, seminal fluid, ejaculate, cum, come(verb)

    the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract

  6. seed(verb)

    go to seed; shed seeds

    "The dandelions went to seed"

  7. seed(verb)

    help (an enterprise) in its early stages of development by providing seed money

  8. seed(verb)

    bear seeds

  9. sow, seed(verb)

    place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth

    "She sowed sunflower seeds"

  10. seed(verb)

    distribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds

  11. seed(verb)

    sprinkle with silver iodide particles to disperse and cause rain

    "seed clouds"

  12. seed(verb)

    inoculate with microorganisms

  13. seed(verb)

    remove the seeds from

    "seed grapes"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. seed(noun)sid

    a small part of a plant that another plant grows from

    a sunflower seed

  2. seedsid

    a small thing from which sth bigger develops

    simple actions that are the seeds of social change; the seeds of doubt in her mind


  1. seed(Noun)

    A fertilized grain, initially encased in a fruit, which may grow into a mature plant.

    If you plant a seed in the spring, you may have a pleasant surprise in the autumn.

  2. seed(Noun)

    A fertilized ovule, containing an embryonic plant.

  3. seed(Noun)

    An amount of fertilized grain that cannot be readily counted.

    The entire field was covered with geese eating the freshly sown seed.

  4. seed(Noun)


    Sometimes a man may feel encouraged to spread his seed before he settles down to raise a family.

  5. seed(Noun)

    A precursor.

    The seed of an idea. Which idea was the seed (idea)?

  6. seed(Noun)

    The initial state, condition or position of a changing, growing or developing process; the ultimate precusor in a defined chain of precusors.

  7. seed(Noun)

    Offspring, descendants, progeny.

  8. seed(Verb)

    To plant or sow an area with seeds.

    I seeded my lawn with bluegrass.

  9. seed(Verb)

    To start; to provide, assign or determine the initial resources for, position of, state of.

  10. seed(Verb)

    To allocate a seeding to a competitor.

  11. seed(Verb)

    To be able to compete (especially in a quarter-final/semi-final/final).

    The tennis player seeded into the quarters.

  12. seed(Verb)

    To ejaculate inside the penetratee during intercourse, especially in the rectum.

  13. Origin: sæd, sed, from Germanic *sædh- ‘that which can be sown’. Cognate with Dutch zaad, German Saat, Swedish säd. Related to sow.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Seed

    of Seed

  2. Seed(noun)

    a ripened ovule, consisting of an embryo with one or more integuments, or coverings; as, an apple seed; a currant seed. By germination it produces a new plant

  3. Seed(noun)

    any small seedlike fruit, though it may consist of a pericarp, or even a calyx, as well as the seed proper; as, parsnip seed; thistle seed

  4. Seed(noun)

    the generative fluid of the male; semen; sperm; -- not used in the plural

  5. Seed(noun)

    that from which anything springs; first principle; original; source; as, the seeds of virtue or vice

  6. Seed(noun)

    the principle of production

  7. Seed(noun)

    progeny; offspring; children; descendants; as, the seed of Abraham; the seed of David

  8. Seed(noun)

    race; generation; birth

  9. Seed(verb)

    to sprinkle with seed; to plant seeds in; to sow; as, to seed a field

  10. Seed(verb)

    to cover thinly with something scattered; to ornament with seedlike decorations


  1. Seed

    Seed is an online science magazine published by Seed Media Group. The magazine looks at big ideas in science, important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science culture. Seed was founded in Montreal by Adam Bly and the magazine is now headquartered in New York with bureaus around the world. May/June 2009 was the last print issue. Content continues to be published on the website. Seed was a finalist for two National Magazine Awards in 2007 in the categories of Design and General Excellence, is the recipient of the Utne Independent Press Award, and is included in the 2006 Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology published by Houghton Mifflin and edited by Brian Greene. The magazine publishes original writing from scientists and science journalists. Scientists who have contributed to the magazine include: James D. Watson, Freeman Dyson, Lisa Randall, Martin Rees, Steven Pinker, E.O. Wilson, and Daniel Dennett. Seed's design direction was created by Stefan Sagmeister. Jonah Lehrer also contributed features to Seed.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'seed' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4606

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'seed' in Nouns Frequency: #1331

Anagrams of seed

  1. dees, EDES, sede

Translations for seed

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the (part of) the fruit of a tree, plant etc from which a new plant may be grown

sunflower seeds; grass seed.

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