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  1. second language(Noun)

    A language that is spoken by someone but is not their mother tongue.


  1. Second language

    A second language or L2 is any language learned after one's first language. Some languages, often called auxiliary languages, are used primarily as second languages or lingua francas. A person's first language is not necessarily their dominant language, the one they use most or are most comfortable with. For example, the Canadian census defines first language for its purposes as "the first language learned in childhood and still spoken", recognizing that for some, the earliest language may be lost, a process known as language attrition. This can happen when young children move, with or without their family, to a new language environment.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

    While the parents are working, five days a week – they (ASAS) offer homework assistance, tutoring, and help with learning a second language.

  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

    It’s been a passion of mine, while the parents are working, five days a week – they (ASAS) offer homework assistance, tutoring, and help with learning a second language.

  3. Erik Thomas:

    It's remotely possible but highly unlikely that he learned his English in a foreign location, his accent is just too good. Very few people can learn a second language that well if they weren't immersed in it.

  4. Bill Kretzschmar:

    The speaker may have English as a second language because the intonation is not quite fluent in the way you would expect of a native U.S. speaker or native Canadian, but the speaker may have spent a long time in North America, because the speech is really too fluent just to have been learned abroad.

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