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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scuf•fleˈskʌf əl(v.; n.)-fled, -fling

  1. (v.i.)to struggle or fight in a rough, confused manner.

  2. to go or move in hurried confusion.

  3. to move with a shuffle; scuff.

  4. (n.)a rough, confused struggle or fight.

  5. a shuffling.

  6. Also called scuf′fle hoe`. a spadelike hoe that is pushed instead of pulled.

    Category: Agriculture

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hassle, scuffle, tussle, dogfight, rough-and-tumble(noun)

    disorderly fighting

  2. scuffle, scuffle hoe, Dutch hoe(noun)

    a hoe that is used by pushing rather than pulling

  3. scramble, scuffle(verb)

    an unceremonious and disorganized struggle

  4. shuffle, scuffle, shamble(verb)

    walk by dragging one's feet

    "he shuffled out of the room"; "We heard his feet shuffling down the hall"

  5. scuffle, tussle(verb)

    fight or struggle in a confused way at close quarters

    "the drunken men started to scuffle"


  1. scuffle(Noun)

    A rough disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters

  2. scuffle(Noun)

    A Dutch hoe, manipulated by both pushing and pulling

  3. scuffle(Verb)

    To fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters.

  4. scuffle(Verb)

    To walk with a shuffling gait.

  5. Origin: Possibly of Scandinavian origin. Compare Swedish skuff and skuffa, from the Germanic base *.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scuffle(verb)

    to strive or struggle with a close grapple; to wrestle in a rough fashion

  2. Scuffle(verb)

    hence, to strive or contend tumultuously; to struggle confusedly or at haphazard

  3. Scuffle(noun)

    a rough, haphazard struggle, or trial of strength; a disorderly wrestling at close quarters

  4. Scuffle(noun)

    hence, a confused contest; a tumultuous struggle for superiority; a fight

  5. Scuffle(noun)

    a child's pinafore or bib

  6. Scuffle(noun)

    a garden hoe

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a confused fight usually between a few people using their fists, feet etc

The two men quarrelled and there was a scuffle.

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