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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a movable or fixed device, usu. consisting of a covered frame, that provides shelter, serves as a partition, etc.

  2. a permanent, usu. ornamental partition, as around the choir of a church.

  3. a specially prepared, light-reflecting surface on which motion pictures, slides, etc., may be projected.

    Category: Motion Pictures

  4. motion pictures collectively or the motion-picture industry.

  5. the part of a television or computer on which a picture is formed or information is displayed.

    Category: Electronics, Computers

  6. anything that shelters, protects, or conceals.

  7. a frame holding a mesh of wire, cloth, or plastic, for placing in a window or doorway, to admit air but exclude insects.

  8. a sieve or other meshlike device used to separate smaller particles or objects from larger ones.

    Category: Building Trades, Mining

  9. a system for screening or grouping people, objects, etc.

  10. a body of troops sent out to protect the movement of an army.

    Category: Military

  11. a protective formation of small vessels, as destroyers, around a larger ship or ships.

    Category: Military

  12. a plate of ground glass or the like on which the image is brought into focus in a camera before being photographed.

    Category: Photography

  13. Print. a glass plate on which two sets of intersecting lines have been etched, used to make halftones.

    Category: Printing

  14. (in sports) any of various interposing plays or tactics to protect a teammate with the ball or to obstruct an opponent.

    Category: Sport

  15. (v.t.)to shelter, protect, or conceal with or as if with a screen.

  16. to select, reject or consider (people, objects, ideas, etc.) by examining systematically.

  17. to provide with a screen or screens.

  18. to sift or sort by passing through a screen.

    Category: Building Trades

  19. to project (a motion picture, slide, etc.) on a screen. to photograph with a motion-picture camera; film. to adapt (a story, play, etc.) for presentation as a motion picture.

    Category: Motion Pictures

  20. to lighten (type or areas of a line engraving) by etching a regular pattern of dots or lines into the printing surface.

    Category: Printing

Origin of screen:

1350–1400; (n.) < AF; OF escren < Frankish *skrank, c. OHG scrank barrier


Princeton's WordNet

  1. screener(noun)

    a guard at an airport who checks passengers or their luggage at a security checkpoint


  1. screener(Noun)

    One who, or that which, screens.

  2. screener(Noun)

    An advance screening of a film sent to critics, awards voters, etc.


  1. Screener

    A screener is an advance screening of a film sent to critics, awards voters, video stores, and other film industry professionals, including producers and distributors. Screeners help critics and award voters see smaller movies that don't have the marketing advantage or distribution of major studio releases. Positive mentions can result in awards consideration. A screener often has no post-processing. Nowadays physical DVD copies still appear to be issued, but screeners are also distributed digitally to members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members. When screeners leak online, they are often tagged "DVDSCR". In 2003, the MPAA announced that they would be ceasing distribution of screeners to Academy members, citing fears of piracy. A group of independent film makers sued and won a decision against the MPAA. The MPAA later reinstated the screeners with the implementation of a new policy requiring recipients to sign a binding contract that they would not share the screeners with others. In January 2004, Academy member Carmine Caridi was announced as a person of interest in an ongoing FBI investigation into video piracy. He was subsequently expelled from the Academy after he was found to have sent close to 300 screeners to a contact called Russell Sprague in Illinois, over a five-year period. Caridi was later ordered to pay Warner Bros. for copyright infringement of two of their films, Mystic River and The Last Samurai, a total of $300,000. Sprague was later found dead in his Los Angeles prison cell. The US Marshals Service suspects he may have died of a heart attack.


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