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Princeton's WordNet

  1. light, scant(p), short(verb)

    less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so

    "a light pound"; "a scant cup of sugar"; "regularly gives short weight"

  2. skimp, scant(verb)

    work hastily or carelessly; deal with inadequately and superficially

  3. scant, skimp(verb)

    limit in quality or quantity

  4. stint, skimp, scant(verb)

    supply sparingly and with restricted quantities

    "sting with the allowance"


  1. scant(Noun)

    A block of stone sawn on two sides down to the bed level.

  2. scant(Noun)

    A sheet of stone.

  3. scant(Noun)

    A slightly thinner measurement of a standard wood size.

  4. scant(Verb)

    To limit in amount or share; to stint.

  5. scant(Adjective)

    very little, very few

    "After his previous escapades, Mary had scant reason to believe John."

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scant

    not full, large, or plentiful; scarcely sufficient; less than is wanted for the purpose; scanty; meager; not enough; as, a scant allowance of provisions or water; a scant pattern of cloth for a garment

  2. Scant

    sparing; parsimonious; chary

  3. Scant(verb)

    to limit; to straiten; to treat illiberally; to stint; as, to scant one in provisions; to scant ourselves in the use of necessaries

  4. Scant(verb)

    to cut short; to make small, narrow, or scanty; to curtail

  5. Scant(verb)

    to fail, or become less; to scantle; as, the wind scants

  6. Scant(adverb)

    in a scant manner; with difficulty; scarcely; hardly

  7. Scant(noun)

    scantness; scarcity

Anagrams for scant »

  1. cants

  2. canst, can'st

  3. Canst

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