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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scan•dal•ousˈskæn dl əs(adj.)

  1. disgraceful; improper or immoral:

    scandalous behavior.

  2. defamatory; libelous.

  3. attracted to scandal:

    a scandalous gossip.

Origin of scandalous:

1585–95; < ML scandalōsus. See scandal , -ous


Princeton's WordNet

  1. disgraceful, scandalous, shameful, shocking(adj)

    giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation

    "scandalous behavior"; "the wicked rascally shameful conduct of the bankrupt"- Thackeray; "the most shocking book of its time"


  1. scandalous(Adjective)

    wrong, immoral, causing a scandal

  2. scandalous(Adjective)

    malicious, defamatory

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scandalous(adj)

    giving offense to the conscience or moral feelings; exciting reprobation; calling out condemnation

  2. Scandalous(adj)

    disgraceful to reputation; bringing shame or infamy; opprobrious; as, a scandalous crime or vice

  3. Scandalous(adj)

    defamatory; libelous; as, a scandalous story


  1. Scandalous!

    "Scandalous!" is a smooth, romantic ballad by Prince, released as a single from his 1989 album, the soundtrack to Batman. The song continues a long tradition of Prince's sexually charged ballads, with gasped, passionate vocals on lyrics such as "I can't wait till I can wrap my legs all around U." The track features a drum machine and synthesizers, which sample Clare Fischer's orchestra. The music is attributed to Prince and his father, John L. Nelson. The Scandalous Sex Suite, released three days later, transforms the song into a three-part suite. "The Crime" is a seductive conversation between Prince and Kim Basinger with various lyrics from the song interspersed. "The Passion" features the main song with new lyrics sung over the original lyrics. "The Rapture" includes a long guitar solo before finishing up the conversation from part one. The B-side, "Sex", is a minimalist funk number featuring mainly a drum machine loop, a repeated synth hook, and bass guitar. The song lyrics state that safe sex is preferable, and sex with multiple partners can lead to death. The song was co-written with bassist Levi Seacer, Jr.

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shocking or disgraceful.

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