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Princeton's WordNet

  1. scalp(verb)

    the skin that covers the top of the head

    "they wanted to take his scalp as a trophy"

  2. scalp(verb)

    sell illegally, as on the black market

  3. scalp(verb)

    remove the scalp of

    "The enemies were scalped"


  1. scalp(Noun)

    The top of the head; the skull.

    Some tribes used to collect scalps to prove how many of the enemy they had killed in battle.

  2. scalp(Noun)

    The part of the head where the hair grows from, or used to grow from

  3. scalp(Noun)

    A victory.

    It turns out old Tweets can come back to haunt you! Or at least derail your political aspirations. Yes, social media has claimed its first scalp with Twitter drawing first blood on the election trail.

  4. scalp(Noun)

    A bed or stratum of shellfish; a scaup.

  5. scalp(Verb)

    To remove the part of the head from where the hair grows, by brutal act or accident.

  6. scalp(Verb)

    To sell for a greatly inflated price to those in desperation, as in scalping tickets to a ball game.

  7. Origin: Originally a northern word, and therefore presumed to come from a Scandinavian source, although the sense-development is unclear; compare Old Norse skálpr, Middle Dutch schelpe.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scalp(noun)

    a bed of oysters or mussels

  2. Scalp(noun)

    that part of the integument of the head which is usually covered with hair

  3. Scalp(noun)

    a part of the skin of the head, with the hair attached, cut or torn off from an enemy by the Indian warriors of North America, as a token of victory

  4. Scalp(noun)

    fig.: The top; the summit

  5. Scalp(verb)

    to deprive of the scalp; to cut or tear the scalp from the head of

  6. Scalp(verb)

    to remove the skin of

  7. Scalp(verb)

    to brush the hairs or fuzz from, as wheat grains, in the process of high milling

  8. Scalp(verb)

    to make a small, quick profit by slight fluctuations of the market; -- said of brokers who operate in this way on their own account

  9. Origin: [Perhaps akin to D. schelp shell. Cf. Scallop.]


  1. Scalp

    The scalp is the anatomical area bordered by the face anteriorly and the neck to the sides and posteriorly.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Scalp

    The outer covering of the calvaria. It is composed of several layers: SKIN; subcutaneous connective tissue; the occipitofrontal muscle which includes the tendinous galea aponeurotica; loose connective tissue; and the pericranium (the PERIOSTEUM of the SKULL).

Anagrams for scalp »

  1. clasp

  2. claps

  3. calps

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Mat Staver:

    They want her scalp to hang on the wall as a trophy.

  2. Petra Novotna:

    I went to run, and then I saw my scalp was no longer attached to me— it was lying next to me instead.

  3. Kelly Knudson:

    By looking at how far the hair is from the scalp, we were able to look at what they were eating in particular weeks or months before they died.

  4. Kelly Foote:

    We let them pick the music to take the focus off the fact that I am drilling a hole in their head, and cutting their scalp and that sort of thing.

  5. Erika Katz:

    The tea tree oil is going to calm down the scalp and relieve some of that painful itching and burning. It's a wonderful way to just get rid of an itchy, flaky scalp.

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