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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scab•rousˈskæb rəs(adj.)

  1. having a rough surface because of minute points or projections.

    Category: Building Trades

  2. indecent; obscene.

  3. full of difficulties.

Origin of scabrous:

1575–85; < L scab(e)r rough


Princeton's WordNet

  1. lepidote, leprose, scabrous, scaly, scurfy(adj)

    rough to the touch; covered with scales or scurf

  2. scabrous(adj)

    dealing with salacious or indecent material

    "a scabrous novel"


  1. scabrous(Adjective)

    covered with scales or scabs, or otherwise extremely rough

    After the incident with the gasoline, Noel's burnt arm remained scabrous, and was susceptible to infections.

  2. scabrous(Adjective)

    having indecent sexual content or connotation, rough

    The novel was a flagrantly scabrous bodice-ripper, and Rachael was ashamed to read it in public.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scabrous(adj)

    rough to the touch, like a file; having small raised dots, scales, or points; scabby; scurfy; scaly

  2. Scabrous(adj)

    fig.: Harsh; unmusical


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