Definitions for sarsaparillaˌsæs pəˈrɪl ə, ˌsɑr sə pə-, ˌsɑr spə-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sar•sa•pa•ril•laˌsæs pəˈrɪl ə, ˌsɑr sə pə-, ˌsɑr spə-(n.)(pl.)-las.

  1. any of various tropical American vines of the genus Smilax, having serrated heart-shaped leaves.

    Category: Plants

  2. the root of any of these vines.

    Category: Plants

  3. an extract or other preparation made of this root.

  4. a soft drink, as root beer, flavored with this extract.

    Category: Cooking

  5. Category: Plants

    Ref: Also called wild sarsaparilla.

Origin of sarsaparilla:

1570–80; < Sp zarzaparrilla

Princeton's WordNet

  1. sarsaparilla(noun)

    any of various prickly climbing plants of the tropical American genus Smilax having aromatic roots and heart-shaped leaves

  2. sarsaparilla(noun)

    carbonated drink flavored with an extract from sarsaparilla root or with birch oil and sassafras


  1. sarsaparilla(Noun)

    Any of various tropical American vines, of the genus Smilax, having fragrant roots

  2. sarsaparilla(Noun)

    The dried roots of these plants, or a flavoring material extracted from these roots

  3. sarsaparilla(Noun)

    A soft drink flavored with this extract

  4. sarsaparilla(Noun)

    Any of several North American plants, of the genus Aralia, having umbels and small white flowers

  5. Origin: From zarzaparrilla.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sarsaparilla(noun)

    any plant of several tropical American species of Smilax

  2. Sarsaparilla(noun)

    the bitter mucilaginous roots of such plants, used in medicine and in sirups for soda, etc


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