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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

San•tan•derˌsæn tænˈdɛər, ˌsɑn tɑn-(n.)

  1. a seaport in N Spain. 188,539.

    Category: Geography (places)


  1. Santander(ProperNoun)

    A city and port on the north coast of Spain, the capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria

  2. Santander(ProperNoun)

    A department in the north of Colombia. See Wikipedia:Santander Department

  3. Santander(ProperNoun)

    A Spanish surname


  1. Santander

    The port city of Santander is the capital of the autonomous community and historical region of Cantabria situated on the north coast of Spain. Located east of Gijón and west of Bilbao, the city has a population of 179,921.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Santander

    a flourishing port of North Spain, stands on a fine bay facing the Bay of Biscay, 316 m. N. of Madrid; actively engaged in cigar-making, brewing, cotton-spinning, flour-milling, &c.; exports flour, wine, and cereals; a popular seaside resort.

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