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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sack•clothˈsækˌklɔθ, -ˌklɒθ(n.)

  1. Category: Textiles

    Ref: sacking.

  2. a coarse cloth of various fibers, as goat hair, cotton, or linen. this cloth or a garment made from it worn to show repentance or grief.

    Category: Textiles

Idioms for sackcloth:

  1. in sackcloth and ashes,in a state of repentance or sorrow; contrite.

    Category: Idiom

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sackcloth(noun)

    a garment made of coarse sacking; formerly worn as an indication of remorse

  2. sackcloth(noun)

    a coarse cloth resembling sacking


  1. sackcloth(Noun)

    A coarse hessian style of cloth used to make sacks.

  2. sackcloth(Noun)

    (Usually paired with 'ashes'), garments worn as an act of penance. Now often used figuratively.

    After he realised the gravity of his crime he spent some time wearing sackcloth and ashes.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sackcloth(noun)

    linen or cotton cloth such as sacks are made of; coarse cloth; anciently, a cloth or garment worn in mourning, distress, mortification, or penitence

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a type of coarse cloth formerly worn as a sign of mourning or of sorrow for sin.

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