Definitions for sachetsæˈʃeɪ; esp. Brit. ˈsæʃ eɪ

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sa•chetsæˈʃeɪ; esp. Brit. ˈsæʃ eɪ(n.)

  1. a small bag, case, or pad containing aromatic powder, flower parts, or the like.

    Category: Clothing

  2. scented powder used in such a case.

    Category: Clothing

Origin of sachet:

1475–85; < MF, =sach- (comb. form of sacsack1) +-et -et


Princeton's WordNet

  1. sachet(noun)

    a small soft bag containing perfumed powder; used to perfume items in a drawer or chest


  1. sachet(Noun)

    A cheesecloth bag of herbs and/or spices added during cooking and then removed before serving.

  2. sachet(Noun)

    A small, sealed packet containing a single-use quantity of any material

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sachet(noun)

    a scent bag, or perfume cushion, to be laid among handkerchiefs, garments, etc., to perfume them


  1. Sachet

    A sachet is a small disposable bag or pouch, made from plastic, tin foil, or mylar, often used to contain single-use quantities of foods or consumer goods such as ketchup or shampoo. Sachets are commonly opened by making a small rip or tear in part of the package, and then squeezing out the contents.

Anagrams of sachet

  1. stache

  2. scathe

  3. taches

  4. cheats

  5. chaste

Translations for sachet

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a (small) sealed packet containing a product in liquid or powder form

a sachet of shampoo.

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