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Princeton's WordNet

  1. creaky, decrepit, derelict, flea-bitten, run-down, woebegone(adj)

    worn and broken down by hard use

    "a creaky shack"; "a decrepit bus...its seats held together with friction tape"; "a flea-bitten sofa"; "a run-down neighborhood"; "a woebegone old shack"

  2. run-down(verb)

    having the spring unwound

    "a run-down watch"

  3. run down, check out(verb)


    "We are running down a few tips"

  4. run down(verb)

    move downward

    "The water ran down"

  5. run down, run over(verb)

    injure or kill by running over, as with a vehicle

  6. poop out, peter out, run down, run out, conk out(verb)

    use up all one's strength and energy and stop working

    "At the end of the march, I pooped out"

  7. scan, skim, rake, glance over, run down(verb)

    examine hastily

    "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi"

  8. run down, exhaust, play out, sap, tire(verb)


    "exhaust one's savings"; "We quickly played out our strength"

  9. run down(verb)

    pursue until captured

    "They ran down the fugitive"


  1. run down(Verb)

    To hit someone with a car or other vehicle and injure or kill them.

  2. run down(Verb)

    To criticize someone or an organisation, often unfairly.

  3. run down(Verb)

    To find something or someone after searching for a long time.

  4. run down(Verb)

    To lose power slowly. Used for a machine, battery, or other powered device.

  5. run down(Verb)

    To read quickly a list or other short text.

  6. run down(Verb)

    To reduce the size or stock levels of a business, often with a view to closure.

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