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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rummage(noun)

    a jumble of things to be given away

  2. ransacking, rummage(verb)

    a thorough search for something (often causing disorder or confusion)

    "he gave the attic a good rummage but couldn't find his skis"

  3. rummage(verb)

    search haphazardly

    "We rummaged through the drawers"


  1. rummage(Noun)

    commotion; disturbance

  2. rummage(Noun)

    a thorough search, usually resulting in a disorder

  3. rummage(Noun)

    an unorganized collection of miscellaneous objects; a jumble

  4. rummage(Verb)

    to arrange (cargo, goods, etc.) in the hold of a ship; to move or rearrange such goods.

  5. rummage(Verb)

    to search a vessel for smuggled goods.

    After the long voyage, the customs officers rummaged the ship.

  6. rummage(Verb)

    to search something which contains many items hastily by carelessly turning things over or pushing things aside.

    She rummaged her purse in search for the keys.

  7. rummage(Verb)

    to search something thoroughly and with disregard for the way in which things were arranged

    The burglars rummaged the entire house for cash and jewellery.

  8. rummage(Verb)

    to hastily search for something in a confined space and among many items by carelessly turning things over or pushing things aside.

    She rummaged in the drawers trying to find the missing sock.

  9. Origin: arrumage (confer French arrimage), from arrumera (confer French arrimer). Confer Spanish arrumar.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rummage(noun)

    a place or room for the stowage of cargo in a ship; also, the act of stowing cargo; the pulling and moving about of packages incident to close stowage; -- formerly written romage

  2. Rummage(noun)

    a searching carefully by looking into every corner, and by turning things over

  3. Rummage(verb)

    to make room in, as a ship, for the cargo; to move about, as packages, ballast, so as to permit close stowage; to stow closely; to pack; -- formerly written roomage, and romage

  4. Rummage(verb)

    to search or examine thoroughly by looking into every corner, and turning over or removing goods or other things; to examine, as a book, carefully, turning over leaf after leaf

  5. Rummage(verb)

    to search a place narrowly

  6. Origin: [For roomage, fr. room; hence originally, a making room, a packing away closely. See Room.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rummage

    rum′āj, v.t. to turn things over in search: to clear a ship's hold of goods: to pack: to stow closely: to ransack: to explore: to bring to light: to stir.—v.i. to make a search.—n. a careful search: an upheaval.—n. Rumm′ager.—Rummage sale, a sale of unclaimed goods. [Room-age.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of rummage in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of rummage in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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