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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

roarrɔr, roʊr(v.i.)

  1. to utter a loud, deep, extended sound, as in anger or excitement.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  2. to laugh loudly or boisterously.

  3. to make a loud din, as thunder, cannon, waves, or wind.

  4. to function or move with a loud, deep sound, as a vehicle:

    The bus roared away.

  5. to make a loud, inhaled snort, as a horse affected with roaring.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  6. (v.t.)to utter or express in a roar.

  7. to affect (oneself) as indicated by roaring:

    to roar oneself hoarse.

  8. (n.)a loud, deep, extended sound:

    the roar of a lion.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  9. a loud outburst:

    a roar of laughter.

Origin of roar:

bef. 900; ME roren (v.), OE rārian, c. OHG rēren to bellow


Princeton's WordNet

  1. roarer, bawler, bellower, screamer, screecher, shouter, yeller(noun)

    someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice


  1. roarer(Noun)

    One who roars.

  2. roarer(Noun)

    One of a group of young men who would carouse in taverns, then pick brawls on the street for entertainment.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Roarer(noun)

    one who, or that which, roars

  2. Roarer(noun)

    a riotous fellow; a roaring boy

  3. Roarer(noun)

    a horse subject to roaring. See Roaring, 2

  4. Roarer(noun)

    the barn owl


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