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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

roarrɔr, roʊr(v.i.)

  1. to utter a loud, deep, extended sound, as in anger or excitement.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  2. to laugh loudly or boisterously.

  3. to make a loud din, as thunder, cannon, waves, or wind.

  4. to function or move with a loud, deep sound, as a vehicle:

    The bus roared away.

  5. to make a loud, inhaled snort, as a horse affected with roaring.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  6. (v.t.)to utter or express in a roar.

  7. to affect (oneself) as indicated by roaring:

    to roar oneself hoarse.

  8. (n.)a loud, deep, extended sound:

    the roar of a lion.

    Category: Animal Behavior

  9. a loud outburst:

    a roar of laughter.

Origin of roar:

bef. 900; ME roren (v.), OE rārian, c. OHG rēren to bellow


Princeton's WordNet

  1. boom, roar, roaring, thunder(noun)

    a deep prolonged loud noise

  2. bellow, bellowing, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, roar, roaring, yowl(noun)

    a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)

    "his bellow filled the hallway"

  3. roar(verb)

    the sound made by a lion

  4. roar, howl(verb)

    make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles

    "The wind was howling in the trees"; "The water roared down the chute"

  5. thunder, roar(verb)

    utter words loudly and forcefully

    "`Get out of here,' he roared"

  6. howl, ululate, wail, roar, yawl, yaup(verb)

    emit long loud cries

    "wail in self-pity"; "howl with sorrow"

  7. roar(verb)

    act or proceed in a riotous, turbulent, or disorderly way

    "desperadoes from the hills regularly roared in to take over the town"-R.A.Billington

  8. bellow, roar(verb)

    make a loud noise, as of animal

    "The bull bellowed"

  9. roar, howl(verb)

    laugh unrestrainedly and heartily

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. roar(verb)ɔr, roʊr

    to make a very loud continuous noise

    The plane's engines roared.

  2. roarɔr, roʊr

    (of a lion) to make a loud sound

    The male roared loudly.

  3. roarɔr, roʊr

    to laugh or shout very loudly

    My uncle roared with laughter at my joke.; The crowd roared its approval.

  4. roarɔr, roʊr

    (of a vehicle) to move somewhere making a loud noise

    A motorcycle roared down the road.

  5. roar(noun)ɔr, roʊr

    a loud continuous noise

    the roar of the crowd/traffic

  6. roarɔr, roʊr

    the noise a lion makes

    He gave a loud roar.


  1. roar(Noun)

    A long, loud, deep shout made with the mouth wide open.

  2. roar(Noun)

    The cry of the lion.

  3. roar(Noun)

    The deep cry of the bull.

  4. roar(Noun)

    A loud sound as of a motorbike or a similar engine.

  5. roar(Noun)

    A show of strength or character.

  6. roar(Verb)

    To make a loud, deep cry, especially from pain, anger, or other strong emotion.

  7. roar(Verb)

    To laugh in a particularly loud manner.

  8. roar(Verb)

    Of animals (especially the lion), to make a loud deep noise.

    The lioness roared to scare off the hyenas.

  9. roar(Verb)

    Generally, of inanimate objects etc., to make a loud resounding noise.

  10. Origin: rarian, from . Cognate with röhren.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Roar(verb)

    to cry with a full, loud, continued sound

  2. Roar(verb)

    to bellow, or utter a deep, loud cry, as a lion or other beast

  3. Roar(verb)

    to cry loudly, as in pain, distress, or anger

  4. Roar(verb)

    to make a loud, confused sound, as winds, waves, passing vehicles, a crowd of persons when shouting together, or the like

  5. Roar(verb)

    to be boisterous; to be disorderly

  6. Roar(verb)

    to laugh out loudly and continuously; as, the hearers roared at his jokes

  7. Roar(verb)

    to make a loud noise in breathing, as horses having a certain disease. See Roaring, 2

  8. Roar(verb)

    to cry aloud; to proclaim loudly

  9. Roar(noun)

    the sound of roaring

  10. Roar(noun)

    the deep, loud cry of a wild beast; as, the roar of a lion

  11. Roar(noun)

    the cry of one in pain, distress, anger, or the like

  12. Roar(noun)

    a loud, continuous, and confused sound; as, the roar of a cannon, of the wind, or the waves; the roar of ocean

  13. Roar(noun)

    a boisterous outcry or shouting, as in mirth


  1. Roar

    Roar is an American television show that originally aired on the Fox network in July 1997. In the year AD 400, a young Irish man, Conor, sets out to rid his land of the invading Romans, but in order to accomplish this, he must unite the Celtic clans.

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'roar' in Verbs Frequency: #1085

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a loud deep cry

a roar of pain/laughter; the lion's roars.

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