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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

rideraɪd(v.; n.)rode, rid•den, rid•ing

  1. (v.i.)to sit on, manage, and be carried on a horse or other animal in motion.

  2. to be borne along on or in a vehicle or other conveyance.

  3. to move along in any way; be carried or supported:

    riding on his friend's success.

  4. to have a specified character for riding purposes:

    The car rides smoothly.

  5. to be conditioned; depend:

    Her hopes are riding on a promotion.

  6. to continue without interruption or interference:

    to let the matter ride.

    Category: Informal

  7. to turn or rest on something.

  8. to appear to float in space, as a heavenly body.

  9. to lie at anchor, as a ship.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  10. (v.t.)to sit on and manage (a horse, bicycle, etc.) so as to be carried along.

  11. to sit or move along on; be carried or borne along on:

    The ship rode the waves.

  12. to ride over, along, or through (a road, region, etc.).

  13. to ridicule or harass persistently.

  14. to control, dominate, or tyrannize over:

    a man ridden by fear.

  15. to cause to ride.

  16. to carry (a person) on something as if on a horse:

    He rode the child about on his back.

  17. to execute by riding:

    to ride a race.

  18. to rest on, esp. by overlapping.

  19. to keep (a vessel) at anchor or moored.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  20. ride out, to sustain (a gale, storm, etc.) without damage, as while at anchor. to sustain or endure successfully.

    Category: Verb Phrase, Nautical, Navy

  21. ride up,to move up from the proper place or position:

    This skirt always rides up.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  22. (n.)a journey or excursion on a horse, camel, etc., or on or in a vehicle.

  23. a means of or arrangement for transportation by motor vehicle:

    My ride's here.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  24. a vehicle or device, as a roller coaster, on which people ride for amusement.

  25. a way, road, etc., made esp. for riding.

Idioms for ride:

  1. ride shotgun, (formerly) to ride in a stagecoach as a shotgun-bearing guard. to ride in a motor vehicle or airplane as an armed escort. to ride as a passenger in the front seat of a car or truck.

    Category: Idiom

  2. take for a ride, Slang. to abduct in order to murder. to deceive; trick.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of ride:

bef. 900; (v.), OE rīdan; akin to OIr ríad journey (cf. palfrey ). Cf. road

Princeton's WordNet

  1. drive, ride(noun)

    a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)

    "he took the family for a drive in his new car"

  2. ride(verb)

    a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement

  3. ride, sit(verb)

    sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions

    "She never sat a horse!"; "Did you ever ride a camel?"; "The girl liked to drive the young mare"

  4. ride(verb)

    be carried or travel on or in a vehicle

    "I ride to work in a bus"; "He rides the subway downtown every day"

  5. ride(verb)

    continue undisturbed and without interference

    "Let it ride"

  6. ride(verb)

    move like a floating object

    "The moon rode high in the night sky"

  7. tease, razz, rag, cod, tantalize, tantalise, bait, taunt, twit, rally, ride(verb)

    harass with persistent criticism or carping

    "The children teased the new teacher"; "Don't ride me so hard over my failure"; "His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie"

  8. ride(verb)

    be sustained or supported or borne

    "His glasses rode high on his nose"; "The child rode on his mother's hips"; "She rode a wave of popularity"; "The brothers rode to an easy victory on their father's political name"

  9. drive, ride(verb)

    have certain properties when driven

    "This car rides smoothly"; "My new truck drives well"

  10. depend on, devolve on, depend upon, ride, turn on, hinge on, hinge upon(verb)

    be contingent on

    "The outcomes rides on the results of the election"; "Your grade will depends on your homework"

  11. ride(verb)

    lie moored or anchored

    "Ship rides at anchor"

  12. ride(verb)

    sit on and control a vehicle

    "He rides his bicycle to work every day"; "She loves to ride her new motorcycle through town"

  13. ride(verb)

    climb up on the body

    "Shorts that ride up"; "This skirt keeps riding up my legs"

  14. ride(verb)

    ride over, along, or through

    "Ride the freeways of California"

  15. ride(verb)

    keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot

    "Don't ride the clutch!"

  16. ride, mount(verb)

    copulate with

    "The bull was riding the cow"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. ride(verb)ɪd

    to operate a bicycle or motorcycle

    I ride to work most days.; kids riding their bikes

  2. rideɪd

    to travel on public transportation

    How many people in the city ride the buses/trains?

  3. rideɪd

    to travel in a car, but not as the driver

    Come on, you can ride with us.

  4. rideɪd

    to control a horse or other animal that you sit on

    a woman riding a donkey; Do you know how to ride?

  5. rideɪd

    to float on top of waves or on currents of air

    seagulls riding the warm air currents

  6. ride(noun)ɪd

    a trip, especially a short one, in a vehicle, on a bicycle, animal, etc.

    the train ride to New York; Let's go for a ride.; We took a ride in his new car.

  7. rideɪd

    a trip, in which sb takes you where you need to go in their vehicle

    Could you give me a ride home?; I got a ride with some guys driving north.

  8. rideɪd

    a piece of equipment at a fair or amusement park that people ride for enjoyment

    There are plenty of rides to chose from.


  1. ride(Noun)

    An instance of riding.

    Can I have a ride on your bike?

  2. ride(Noun)

    A vehicle.

    That is a nice ride you are driving.

  3. ride(Noun)

    An amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park.

  4. ride(Noun)

    A lift given to someone in another person's vehicle.

    Can you give me a ride?

  5. ride(Noun)

    a bridleway or other wide country path.

  6. ride(Verb)

    To transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, later also a bicycle etc.

  7. ride(Verb)

    To be transported in a vehicle; to travel as a passenger.

  8. ride(Verb)

    To transport (someone) in a vehicle.

    The cab rode him downtown.

  9. ride(Verb)

    Of a ship: to sail, to float on the water.

  10. ride(Verb)

    To be carried or supported by something lightly and quickly; to travel in such a way, as though on horseback.

    The witch cackled and rode away on her broomstick.

  11. ride(Verb)

    To mount (someone) to have sex with them; to have sexual intercourse with.

  12. ride(Verb)

    To nag or criticize; to annoy (someone).

  13. ride(Verb)

    Of clothing: to gradually move (up) and crease; to ruckle.

  14. ride(Verb)

    To rely, depend (on).

  15. ride(Verb)

    Of clothing: to rest (in a given way on a part of the body).

  16. ride(Verb)

    To play defense on the defensemen or midfielders, as an attackman.

  17. Origin: riden, Old English ridan, from rīdanan, from reydʰ-. Cognate with Dutch rijden, German reiten, Swedish rida; and (from Indo-European) with Welsh rhwyddhau.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ride(verb)

    to be carried on the back of an animal, as a horse

  2. Ride(verb)

    to be borne in a carriage; as, to ride in a coach, in a car, and the like. See Synonym, below

  3. Ride(verb)

    to be borne or in a fluid; to float; to lie

  4. Ride(verb)

    to be supported in motion; to rest

  5. Ride(verb)

    to manage a horse, as an equestrian

  6. Ride(verb)

    to support a rider, as a horse; to move under the saddle; as, a horse rides easy or hard, slow or fast

  7. Ride(verb)

    to sit on, so as to be carried; as, to ride a horse; to ride a bicycle

  8. Ride(verb)

    to manage insolently at will; to domineer over

  9. Ride(verb)

    to convey, as by riding; to make or do by riding

  10. Ride(verb)

    to overlap (each other); -- said of bones or fractured fragments

  11. Ride(noun)

    the act of riding; an excursion on horseback or in a vehicle

  12. Ride(noun)

    a saddle horse

  13. Ride(noun)

    a road or avenue cut in a wood, or through grounds, to be used as a place for riding; a riding


  1. Ride

    Ride were a British shoegazing band that formed in 1988 in Oxford, England, consisting of Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Laurence "Loz" Colbert, and Steve Queralt. The band were initially part of the "shoegazing" scene that emerged in England during the early 1990s. Following the break-up of the band in 1996, members moved on to various other projects, most notably Bell who became the bassist for Oasis. In 2001, the band members were briefly reunited for a one-off performance for a television show. Their debut album Nowhere has been named one of the greatest albums of the shoegazing genre, Nowhere was voted number 74 on Pitchfork Media's list of the Top 100 Albums of the 1990s, and closing track "Vapour Trail" was voted at number 145 on Pitchfork's Top 200 Tracks of the 90s. The album is also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ride' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4036

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ride' in Nouns Frequency: #1836

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ride' in Verbs Frequency: #389

Anagrams of ride

  1. ired

  2. dire

  3. Reid

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a journey on horseback, on a bicycle etc

He likes to go for a long ride on a Sunday afternoon.

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