Definitions for ribaldˈrɪb əld; spelling pron. ˈraɪ bəld

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

rib•aldˈrɪb əld; spelling pron. ˈraɪ bəld(adj.)

  1. vulgar or indecent in speech, language, etc.; coarsely mocking.

  2. (n.)a ribald person.

Origin of ribald:

1200–50; ME ribald, ribaud (n.) < OF ribau(l)d=rib(er) to be licentious (< OHG rīben to copulate, be in heat, lit., rub)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. ribald(adj)

    a ribald person; someone who uses vulgar and offensive language

  2. bawdy, off-color, ribald(adj)

    humorously vulgar

    "bawdy songs"; "off-color jokes"; "ribald language"


  1. ribald(Noun)

    A person who is filthy or vulgar.

  2. ribald(Adjective)

    Coarsely, vulgarly or lewdly humorous.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ribald

    a low, vulgar, brutal, foul-mouthed wretch; a lewd fellow

  2. Ribald(adj)

    low; base; mean; filthy; obscene

Anagrams of ribald

  1. bridal


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