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Princeton's WordNet

  1. revised(adj)

    improved or brought up to date

    "a revised edition"

  2. revised(adj)

    altered or revised by rephrasing or by adding or deleting material

    "the amended bill passed easily"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Revised

    of Revise


  1. Magic: The Gathering core sets, 1993–2007

    The collectible card game Magic: The Gathering published nine core sets from 1993–2007, also referred to as basic sets and base sets. These sets consisted entirely of reprints, usually focusing on staple cards Wizards of the Coast felt should always be available. These cards were generally simpler than cards in expansion sets, omitting multicolored cards, and all but the simplest mechanics such as Flying, Trample and Haste. As Magic grew, the base sets were considered descendants of the original Limited Edition, and shaped the default setting and feel of Magic. In contrast, Magic "expansion sets" usually chose a particular theme, such as artifacts for Antiquities. All cards were given a white border to mark them as reprints, with a few exceptions. From Fourth Edition in 1995 onward, a new base set would come out once per two years in the spring or early summer; for tournament play, that set would be legal for two years in the Standard format until the next core set replaced it. Early in the history of Magic, the sets sold out nearly instantaneously, and supplying the game's growing fan base proved tricky. Sales were also concentrated on the West Coast of the United States, where Wizards of the Coast was based. The earliest base sets—Unlimited, Revised, and Fourth Edition—helped provide the first experience with Magic for many players in areas where Magic had never been sold before, enabling them to catch up on the base game with cards that, while technically reprints, had never been available to them before. As the market became saturated, the base sets took on a changed role; they began to be marketed as the entry way for new Magic players, with less interest expected from dedicated Magic players who likely owned many of the cards already. Seventh Edition, released in 2001, was sold both as a "Basic" and an "Advanced" product, with the expansion sets of the time marked as "Expert." Eighth and Ninth editions were marketed similarly. However, sales were disappointing, an alarming problem for Wizards, as some entry point for newer players was required to keep Magic alive. In 2009, Wizards of the Coast changed their policy for core sets, and began making smaller core sets that included new cards, starting with the Magic 2010 set. According to Wizards of the Coast, the previous core sets had "been completely marginalized by the enfranchised player base", and change was required to make the Core Sets of interest to players of all skill levels once more.


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