Definitions for reverentˈrɛv ər ənt, ˈrɛv rənt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

rev•er•entˈrɛv ər ənt, ˈrɛv rənt(adj.)

  1. feeling, exhibiting, or characterized by reverence; deeply respectful.

Origin of reverent:

1350–1400; ME < L reverent-, s. of reverēns, prp. of reverērī to revere1; see -ent


Princeton's WordNet

  1. reverent(adj)

    feeling or showing profound respect or veneration

    "maintained a reverent silence"

  2. godly, reverent, worshipful(adj)

    showing great reverence for god

    "a godly man"; "leading a godly life"


  1. reverent(Adjective)

    showing respect or reverence; respectful

Webster Dictionary

  1. Reverent(adj)

    disposed to revere; impressed with reverence; submissive; humble; respectful; as, reverent disciples

  2. Reverent(adj)

    expressing reverence, veneration, devotion, or submission; as, reverent words; reverent behavior

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


showing great respect

A reverent silence followed the professor's lecture.

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