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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

re•spon•siverɪˈspɒn sɪv(adj.)

  1. responding readily and sympathetically; receptive.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  2. characterized by the use of responses.



Princeton's WordNet

  1. responsive, antiphonal(adj)

    containing or using responses; alternating

    "responsive reading"; "antiphonal laughter"

  2. responsive(adj)

    readily reacting or replying to people or events or stimuli; showing emotion

    "children are often the quickest and most responsive members of the audience"

  3. reactive, responsive(adj)

    reacting to a stimulus

    "the skin of old persons is less reactive than that of younger persons"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. responsive(adjective)ɪˈspɒn sɪv

    reacting to sth, especially in an appropriate way

    an aim to be more responsive to our customers' needs.; The right pupil is responsive to light.


  1. responsive(Adjective)

    Answering, replying or responding.

  2. responsive(Adjective)

    Able to receive and respond to external stimuli.

  3. responsive(Adjective)

    Using antiphons; antiphonal.

  4. responsive(Adjective)

    Susceptible to the feelings of others.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Responsive(adj)

    that responds; ready or inclined to respond

  2. Responsive(adj)

    suited to something else; correspondent

  3. Responsive(adj)


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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(negative unresponsive )

a responsive, kindly girl; a responsive smile; The disease is responsive to treatment.

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