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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to find fault with (a person, group, etc.); blame; censure.

  2. to criticize severely; upbraid.

  3. to be a cause of blame or discredit to.

  4. (n.)blame or censure conveyed in disapproval:

    a term of reproach.

  5. an expression of reproof or censure.

  6. disgrace or discredit.

  7. an object of scorn or contempt.

Origin of reproach:

1375–1425; (n.) late ME reproche < OF, der. of reprochier to reproach < VL *repropiāre= L re-re - + LL -propiāre (der. of L prope near)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. reproach(noun)

    a mild rebuke or criticism

    "words of reproach"

  2. reproach(verb)

    disgrace or shame

    "he brought reproach upon his family"

  3. reproach, upbraid(verb)

    express criticism towards

    "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior"


  1. reproach(Noun)

    A mild rebuke, or an implied criticism.

  2. reproach(Noun)

    Disgrace or shame.

  3. reproach(Verb)

    To criticize or rebuke someone.

  4. reproach(Verb)

    To disgrace, or bring shame upon someone.

  5. Origin: reprochier (Modern reprocher).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Reproach(verb)

    to come back to, or come home to, as a matter of blame; to bring shame or disgrace upon; to disgrace

  2. Reproach(verb)

    to attribute blame to; to allege something disgraceful against; to charge with a fault; to censure severely or contemptuously; to upbraid

  3. Reproach

    the act of reproaching; censure mingled with contempt; contumelious or opprobrious language toward any person; abusive reflections; as, severe reproach

  4. Reproach

    a cause of blame or censure; shame; disgrace

  5. Reproach

    an object of blame, censure, scorn, or derision

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(an) act of reproaching

a look of reproach; He didn't deserve that reproach from you.

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