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  1. Reich(noun)

    the German state

  2. Reich, Wilhelm Reich(noun)

    Austrian born psychoanalyst who lived in the United States; advocated sexual freedom and believed that cosmic energy could be concentrated in a human being (1897-1957)

  3. Reich, Steve Reich, Stephen Michael Reich(noun)

    United States composer (born in 1936)


  1. Reich(Noun)

    The territory of a German empire or nation, or its government.

  2. Origin: From Reich.


  1. Reich

    Reich is one of the three major German empires that have existed. These were, respectively: ⁕the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which lasted from the coronation of Otto I as a Holy Roman Emperor in 962 to 1806, when it was dissolved during the Napoleonic Wars; ⁕the German Empire, which lasted from the unification of Germany in 1871 to its collapse after World War I, during the German Revolution of 1918–1919; ⁕the National Socialist state commonly known as the Third Reich or Nazi Germany, which lasted from the Machtergreifung in 1933 to the End of World War II in Europe in 1945. The term reich derives from the German word meaning realm, kingdom, or empire. It is a word cognate with the English word rich with the same meaning as an adjective, but more importantly its homonym as a noun, Reich, is usually used in German to designate a kingdom or an empire and also the Roman Empire. The terms Kaisertum and Kaiserreich are used in German to more specifically define an empire led by an emperor. To some extent Reich is comparable in meaning and development to the English word realm. In the case of the Hohenzollern Empire, the official name was Deutsches Reich, which is literally translated as "German Realm", because formally the official position of its head of state, in the Constitution of the German Empire, was a "presidency" of a confederation of German states led by the King of Prussia. He assumed the title of "German Emperor", which referred to the German nation rather than directly to the "country" of Germany.


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