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Webster Dictionary

  1. Red-tape(adj)

    pertaining to, or characterized by, official formality. See Red tape, under Red, a

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Red-tape

    name given to official formality, from the red-tape employed in tying official documents, whence "red-tapism."

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. California Governor Jerry Brown:

    This emergency proclamation cuts red tape and helps the state quickly mobilize all available resources, we will do everything necessary to protect California's coastline.

  2. Lesley Page:

    What is needed is compassion and care, not red tape and obstacles, the health implications for failing to treat and care for these women and their children can be profound and, indeed, fatal.

  3. Donal Noonan:

    So many have fallen through the system -- have no birth certificates, no ID's, no drivers' licenses and to try and get it ... they get swallowed by red tape, they have no ID's so they can't go through TSA.

  4. Gerry Scimeca:

    Always, the best solution is going to be stiff penalties and jail time for people who perpetuate fraud and to try not to do anything that is going to burden the legitimate playing field with government red tape.

  5. Nancy Northup:

    Today The Supreme Court took an important step toward restoring the constitutional rights of millions of women, which Texas politicians have spent years dismantling through deceptive laws and regulatory red tape.


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