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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

re•cep•tiverɪˈsɛp tɪv(adj.)

  1. having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.

  2. able or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, etc.

  3. willing or inclined to receive suggestions, offers, etc.

  4. of or pertaining to reception or receptors:

    a receptive end organ.

  5. of or pertaining to the language skills of listening and reading.

    Category: Language/Linguistics

re•cep•tiv•i•tyˌri sɛpˈtɪv ɪ ti(n.)re•cep′tive•ness

Princeton's WordNet

  1. receptive(adj)

    open to arguments, ideas, or change

    "receptive to reason and the logic of facts"

  2. receptive, open(adj)

    ready or willing to receive favorably

    "receptive to the proposals"

  3. centripetal, receptive, sensory(a)(adj)

    of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system

    "sensory neurons"

  4. receptive(adj)

    able to absorb liquid (not repellent)

    "the paper is ink-receptive"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. receptive(adjective)ɪˈsɛp tɪv

    showing interest in and being likely to accept an idea

    The management was receptive to the idea.


  1. receptive(Adjective)

    capable of receiving something

  2. receptive(Adjective)

    ready to receive new ideas or concepts

Webster Dictionary

  1. Receptive(adj)

    having the quality of receiving; able or inclined to take in, absorb, hold, or contain; receiving or containing; as, a receptive mind

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of people, their minds etc) quick to understand and accept new ideas etc.

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