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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ecstasy, rapture, transport, exaltation, raptus(noun)

    a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion

    "listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"- Charles Dickens

  2. ecstasy, rapture(noun)

    a state of elated bliss


  1. rapture(Noun)

    Extreme pleasure, happiness or excitement.

  2. rapture(Noun)

    In some forms of fundamentalist Protestant eschatology, the event when Jesus returns and gathers the souls of living believers. (Usually "the rapture.")

  3. rapture(Noun)

    The act of kidnapping or abducting, especially the forceful carrying off of a woman.

  4. rapture(Noun)

    Rape; ravishment; sexual violation.

  5. rapture(Noun)

    The act of carrying, conveying, transporting or sweeping along by force of movement; the force of such movement; the fact of being carried along by such movement.

  6. rapture(Verb)

    to experience great happiness or excitement

  7. rapture(Verb)

    to cause to experience great happiness or excitement

  8. rapture(Verb)

    to take part in the Rapture

  9. Rapture(ProperNoun)

    a prophesied sudden removal of Christian believers from the Earth before the Tribulation or simultaneous with the second coming of Jesus Christ

  10. Origin: rapere, to take away or snatch out.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rapture(noun)

    a seizing by violence; a hurrying along; rapidity with violence

  2. Rapture(noun)

    the state or condition of being rapt, or carried away from one's self by agreeable excitement; violence of a pleasing passion; extreme joy or pleasure; ecstasy

  3. Rapture(noun)

    a spasm; a fit; a syncope; delirium

  4. Rapture(verb)

    to transport with excitement; to enrapture


  1. Rapture

    The Rapture is an indie rock band based in New York City. The band mixes influences from many genres including post-punk, acid house, disco, electronica and rock, pioneering the post-punk revival genre. They were forerunners of the post-punk revival of the early 2000s, as they mixed their early post-punk sound with electronic and dance elements.

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