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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

rap•pelræˈpɛl, rə-(n.; v.)-pelled, -pel•ling.

  1. (n.)(in mountaineering) the act or method of moving down a vertical face by means of a double rope secured above and placed around the body and paid out gradually in the descent.

    Category: Sport

  2. (v.i.)to descend by means of a rappel.

    Category: Sport

Origin of rappel:

1930–35; < F: lit., a recall. See repeal

Princeton's WordNet

  1. rappel, abseil(verb)

    (mountaineering) a descent of a vertical cliff or wall made by using a doubled rope that is fixed to a higher point and wrapped around the body

  2. rappel, abseil, rope down(verb)

    lower oneself with a rope coiled around the body from a mountainside

    "The ascent was easy--roping down the mountain would be much more difficult and dangerous"; "You have to learn how to abseil when you want to do technical climbing"


  1. rappel(Noun)

    Descending by means of a rope, abseiling.

  2. rappel(Verb)

    to call back a hawk

  3. rappel(Verb)

    to abseil

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rappel(noun)

    the beat of the drum to call soldiers to arms

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


an order to return

the recall of soldiers to duty.

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