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  1. railway, railroad, railroad line, railway line, railway system(noun)

    line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight

  2. railroad track, railroad, railway(verb)

    a line of track providing a runway for wheels

    "he walked along the railroad track"

  3. dragoon, sandbag, railroad(verb)

    compel by coercion, threats, or crude means

    "They sandbagged him to make dinner for everyone"

  4. railroad(verb)

    supply with railroad lines

    "railroad the West"

  5. railroad(verb)

    transport by railroad

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  1. railroad(Noun)

    A permanent road consisting of fixed metal rails to drive trains or similar motorized vehicles on.

    Many railroads roughly follow the trace of older land - and/or water roads

  2. railroad(Noun)

    The transportation system comprising such roads and vehicles fitted to travel on the rails, usually with several vehicles connected together in a train.

  3. railroad(Noun)

    A single, privately or publicly owned property comprising one or more such roads and usually associated assets

    Railroads can only compete fully if their tracks are technically compatible with and linked to each-other

  4. railroad(Noun)

    A procedure conducted or bullied in haste without due consideration.

    The lawyers made the procedure a railroad to get the signatures they needed.

  5. railroad(Verb)

    To transport via railroad.

  6. railroad(Verb)

    To operate a railroad.

    The Thatcherite experiment proved the private sector can railroad as inefficiently as a state monopoly

  7. railroad(Verb)

    To work for a railroad.

  8. railroad(Verb)

    To engage in a hobby pertaining to railroads.

  9. railroad(Verb)

    To manipulate and hasten a procedure, as of formal approval of a law or resolution.

    The majority railroaded the bill through parliament, without the customary expert studies which would delay it till after the elections.

  10. railroad(Verb)

    To convict of a crime by circumventing due process.

    They could only convict him by railroading him on suspect drug-possession charges.

  11. railroad(Verb)

    To procedurally bully someone into an unfair agreement.

    He was railroaded into signing a non-disclosure agreement at his exit interview.

  12. Origin: From rail + road.

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  1. Railroad(noun)

    alt. of Railway

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  1. Railroad

    Railroad is a borough in York County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 278 at the 2010 census.

Translations for railroad

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  • keresztülhajt, vasúton szállítHungarian
  • 鉄道を経営する, 鉄道模型をする, 強引に通過させる, 鉄道輸送するJapanese
  • sneltreinprocedure, versporenDutch

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