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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ra′dius vec′torvɛkˈtɔr iz, -ˈtoʊr-(n.)(pl.)radii vec•to•res; radius vectors.

  1. Math. the length of the line segment joining a fixed point or origin to a given point.

    Category: Math

  2. Astron. the straight line joining two bodies in relative orbital motion, as the line from the sun to a planet at any point in its orbit. the distance between two such bodies at any point in the orbit.

    Category: Astronomy

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. radius vector(noun)

    a line connecting a satellite to the center of the body around which it is rotating

  2. radius vector(noun)

    a line connecting a point in space to the origin of a polar coordinate system

Webster Dictionary

  1. Radius vector

    a straight line (or the length of such line) connecting any point, as of a curve, with a fixed point, or pole, round which the straight line turns, and to which it serves to refer the successive points of a curve, in a system of polar coordinates. See Coordinate, n

  2. Radius vector(noun)

    an ideal straight line joining the center of an attracting body with that of a body describing an orbit around it, as a line joining the sun and a planet or comet, or a planet and its satellite


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